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IPM Consulting, Crash Shooting, Doswell, VA

September 15, 2018 - September 16, 2018


Crash Shooting with Ron Sable of IPM Consulting, Doswell, VA, September 15-16, 2018

The 3 pillars of course work are managing unknown contacts, effectively shooting one handed, and defending against physical assault.

Each morning will be live-fire training, on the line expect over 400 single hand draws and re-holstering from concealment. The live fire will drive home 10 fundamentals of concealed carry using the 4 count draw stroke. The shooting drills will consist of irregular positions, in and around urban areas, and during situations while accompanied. The post lunch transition to managing unknown contacts then into vertical grappling, followed by scenario training. The force on force equipment has been tested and suitable for this course work. It will protect you enough to experience realistic events while maintaining safety. Instruction will cover appendix and strong side hip carry.

The course is designed to focus heavily on one handed pistol access while managing physical confrontation. The course is semi aerobic and will require a competitive mindset. There are no pro-timers. The shooting distances will be under 25 feet. The one handed live fire block is used to validate and give confidence in the techniques. The total validation will be done during scenario role play and or physical contact from fellow students.

Equipment to bring:
-Medium or full sized pistol (Glock 17 will be used for scenario exercises)
-3 Magazines
-A plan to carry magazines with and without pouches (back pockets are fine)
-600 rounds
-IWB or OWB holster and Solid belt
-Aggressive shoes
-Rain gear
-cloth tape for fingers
-Required weapon cleaning gear
-Note taking material
-Hearing protection & Quality eye protection (clear lenses for Force on Force); shades are fine on the flat range
-Sun screen
-Field chair
-Water, Energy snacks

COST: $450

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