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Critical Incident Course

November 25, 2017 @ 09:00 - 15:00 MST


Critical Incident Course:

This is a course we typically have reserved for law enforcement, but given the upswing in active killings in the last 5 years, it is important to tailor this program to responsible gun owners who carry for personal defense.

Prerequisites: (please don’t let these stop you from training, just train at the correct level safely.)

*Must have a current CCW

*Working handgun

*Possess a quality IWB or OWB holster. No fabric, serpa (unless LE/Mil issued), shoulder holsters. Not sure if your holster is a go? Send us a PM.

*2+ Extra magazines and mag pouches/carrier

* Intermediate to advanced shooter requirement.
How can you tell? If you:
Score above a 40 on a DOT torture test.
If you have passed a FBI or LE qualification in the last 3 years.
If you have taken formal training with us and we clear you for this course.
If you’ve taken formal training with a recognized instructor and have some form of proof.
Or you can attend our Practical Carry Series Sunday afternoons to take those basic skills to the next level, and Ray Or Dave will let you know if you’re ready.
(If for some reason you end up at this course and don’t understand how to safely operate a firearm at this level, you will be individually instructed in an attempt to bring you up to speed.)

*250 quality rounds. Bring more if you want to shoot more. Our COF is designed around making sense of your shots, not just throwing rounds down range.

*Lube, cleaning supplies if needed. We also have that stuff on hand.

*Ear/eye protection and comfortable range clothing that can get dirty.

*There are no mandatory body-armor requirements. If you work in kit- bring it. If you don’t wear that stuff on the regular, you don’t need to bring it. Don’t go out and buy stuff for this class.

Course outline:

Basic fundamental evaluation

Shooting safely from in and around vehicles.

Understanding cover vs concealment and shooting from alternate shooting positions

Multiple target engagements

Understanding your ballistic abilities with your individual weapon

Reloads- how and when

Injured shooter drills

Crowd considerations

Course cost is $125 and includes lunch.

This course is designed for a small group: spots are limited. We require prepayment at our website, WWW.REV-TAC.COM for your spot to be reserved. If you’d like to chance it, you can pay the day of. We train no matter the weather…dress accordingly.

For more information or to get on the roster, contact us at 712-253-8810


Rev-Tac Firearm Instruction
1545 Knox Blvd
Jackson, NE 68743 United States
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