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Chuck Haggard OC spray/less-lethal weapons for non LE Instructor course

March 31 @ 08:00 - 19:00 MDT


This is an instructor level course on the subject of less than lethal defensive tools, primarily focused on the use of OC spray as a defensive tool for non-LEO/CCW persons/CCW instructors/self-defense paradigm, although the information would be suitable for off duty officers as well.

The subjects covered include; less than lethal defensive tools and their place in the paradigm of street crime avoidance and home defense, detecting pre assault cues, de-escalating/avoiding becoming a crime victim, verbal agility, the MUC paradigm and where less than lethal tools fit into a defensive strategy, product selection to minimize the possibility of failure, transitioning to deadly force if appropriate. We will also cover the topic of bear and other dangerous animal defense.

Students will need to bring note taking materials. If the student is a CCW person or firearms instructor then a dummy gun and matching holster will allow them to fully participate in the scenario training drills.

This course is a deep dive into this subject material. Due to the amount of material covered and the scenario drills, depending on the number of students the class will take 8-10 hours to complete.


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