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Cecil Burch/ IA Combatives Culpepper, VA Feb. 20-21, 2021

February 20 @ 08:00 - February 21 @ 18:00 MST


FPF Training will be hosting Cecil Burch of Immediate Action Combatives at the Zamora Boxing Gym in lovely Culpeper, VA 20-21 February, 2021.

Instructor: Cecil Burch
Class dates: October 19/20, 2019, 8:30am-6pm both days.
Cost: $225 per day. No facility fees; all tuition fees go to Cecil.
Location: Culpepper, VA
Class size: Maximum 14 students


The 20th will be “Immediate Action Jiu-Jitsu 101.” From Cecil:

Immediate Action Jiu-jitsu is divided into modules that address specific situations. Seminars/training can be customized to fit your needs by arranging for the appropriate modules to be covered. Topics covered will include:

Surviving/defending/escaping when you are on the ground underneath an attacker

Surviving/defending/escaping when you are on the ground and your opponent is standing

Functional methods of getting back to your feet

Countering takedowns and remaining on your feet

IFWA (in-fight weapon access)

Denying your opponent’s weapon access – understanding technique, positional hierarchy AND timing

Multiple opponents – realistically maximizing your chances

Surviving inside the guard

Proper usage of the guard to win/escape

Defending against punches, elbow strikes, stomps, kicks, etc…

Proper role of “dirty tactics”

Essential training principles, methods, & drills

How these concepts & techniques remain true with or without weapon involvement

Learning to deal with the most common MMA attacks and holds

Recognizing and defending against common submissions (guillotine, rear naked choke, triangle, arm bar, etc.)

Structuring and balancing your training and integrating it into a busy real world lifestyle

Registration and more information HERE!

Sunday the 21st is Cecil’s “Immediate Action Pugilism.” From Cecil:

Why should we think about Striking in a Self-defense context?

Underlying Concepts and Mindset for use

Dealing with the Sucker Punch / Ambush

The Default Cover

Transitioning to and Regaining the Initiative

1st stage of defense – the fighting platform

2nd stage of defense – arm motion, footwork, level change

1st stages of offense – tight jab & cross; proper method of delivering impact safely

Secondary Striking Tools (Eye Jab, Elbow, Knee, Slap )

Fundamentals of the Clinch/Safely Entering

Controlling the Entanglement

Individual & Partner Drills

Gradual introduction and immersion into sparring

Fighting at Close Quarters; attached and unattached

Disengaging from the clinch

Safely gaining distance for escape, weapons access, or orientation reset

Keeping the Fight standing, realistically defending the takedown

Performance Coaching and Troubleshooting

Insights and Suggestions for Solo Training

Tips and pointers on how to train the material with the limitations of a real world lifestyle

Registration and more information HERE!

See you on the range!



February 20 @ 08:00 MST
February 21 @ 18:00 MST


FPF Training


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