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3 Day Red Dot Pistol and UGF N.O.T.T.C. (Ohio)

April 16 - April 18



Intermediate to Advanced Carbine and Pistol Course focusing on fighting in and around Cover and Vehicles. Course includes variety shooting tactics and positions utilized around vehicles as well as 2 man and Team tactics used while employing Carbine and Pistol. Course covers ballistic theory involving shooting through glass, shooting techniques and positions inside and outside vehicles as well as contingencies of gunfights around them, one hand manipulation with both Carbine and Pistol.

Ammunition Count 1,100 Carbine, 750 Pistol

Who is Dan Brokos?

Dan is a recently retired SF SGM with 26 years of service, 21 of which were in the SF community. He has multiple deployments to Bosnia, Kosovo, Africa, Iraq and Afghanistan all conducting Direct Action Mission involving the art of CQB and the ability to provide surgical firepower with a carbine and pistol. Dan has held positions of Assault Team Leader, directly responsible for the training and conduct of missions for over 100 Mad Direct Action Company.

Dan’s training history:

Over his 21 year career in FS, Dan only took two breaks from direct action and those breaks were to teach at the SF schoolhouse. He was the head trainer for

SF Advanced CQB and Shooting School. He was responsible for training 208 Green Berets a year in the arts of shooting and CQB. He returned four years later to serve as the SGM for the SF Advanced CQB and Shooting school and SF sniper course. He was responsible for the Assault training of 208 Green Berets and 160 SF and Ranger Snipers training a year. Dan has also been regularly conducting training for various military and Law Enforcement Agencies since 2008 and currently holds position on the board of advisers for NLEFIA (National Law Enforcement and Firearms Instruction Association).



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